The school facilitates the privilege of hostel for the distant students. Many activities outside the classroom take place in the hostel where student can learn to live harmoniously with one another thus inculcate discipline and self reliance. The sannyasinis and brahmacharinies help the resident students to prepare their lessons and teach them to develop the qualities like morality, courageousness, broadmindedness, tolerance, co operation and sympathy as well. Here they also learn the art of social service and community living.

Today the whole world perceives the value of prayer and meditation which discipline and restrains our mind and free ourselves of the ills of humanity. Meditation keeps away from anger, anxieties, fear and brings a calm and serene state of mind. Prayer enables us to become infused with divinely inspired ideas. The Ashrama emphasizes on prayer and meditation to lead the students mind to the tranquility and purification. Thus build up a girl to an honest, truthful and ideal woman of the country. As Lokmata Nivedita rightly thought that the woman are the ideal one who bears, preserves and protects the manners, customs, morals and ethics of a country.