Historical Background

The two direct disciple Mira Debi & Bani Debi of Holy Mother Sree Saradamoni Devi were very spiritual minded, patriotic, firm and decisive. Both of them were very fortunate as they enjoyed the company of Sree Sree Maa and received her blessings. They had borne the ideology of Holy Mother and followed her advices throughout their life. It was Sree Maa’s earnest wish to form organizations for women because SHE believed that the development of a country depends on the improvement of the position of women in our society. She thought that the organizations will work for the suffered mankind and particularly serve for the women in distress, to make them understand that self respect and self realization never come without proper education.

Ultimately, Sree Sarada Ashrama, the brainchild of Mira Debi and Bani Debi was founded at 80/1A, Lansdowne Road with the object of carrying educational, cultural, charitable and similar activities for women and children. Religion forms the background of all activities of the Ashrama. Henceforth this organization started to flourish gradually.

In 1956, by the grace of Sree Sree Maa, Mira Debi and Bani Debi managed to purchase a plot at New Alipore ‘O’ Block. After a long struggling period the Ashrama started to construct school building at the same plot with their great endeavor and little financial assistance from different source.

On 20th February, the auspicious birthday of Sree Sree Ramakrishna, the Ashrama celebrated religious rites of the first entrance ceremony entering the newly built School Building.

The journey of Sree Sarada Ashrama Balika Bidyalaya was commenced with 45 students. The small plant turned into a large tree with all its flowers, fruits and fragrance by the course of time.

Our Golden Memories