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T. Mukherjee

" Love, Respect, Devotion, Ideal & Relationship Is The Center Of Everything Shree Sarada Ashram Girls' School Not only as an educational institution but also as a proper guide for character building of people "

M. Bhattacharya

Sree Sarada Ashrama Balika Bidyalaya not only guides us academically but morally too.All the teachers are very helpful.I must mention about the Matajis-they not only love and care for us but also inculcate moral values among us.This school not only focuses on academic growth of a child but also helps in character building & holistic grooming.This is the second home for all the students.In case we have any kind of issues, our Bardi Mataji ( HeadMistress) guides us like our Mother.I love my school.I have seen the ex students of this school to be at top positions in various fields,I also have the responsibilty to maintain the heritage as well as reputation of my school.

P. Das

Being an ex-student of this school, I must say it was a nice experience that I would cherish my entire life. The teachers were so helpful, so was my classmates. 'Those were the best days of life' indeed.

S. Bhattacharya

As a teacher, I am very lucky to get a chance to teach these students, the facilities provided by the school are top notch with a good work-environment as colleagues are very helpful.

T. Ganguly

Sree Sarada Ashrama Balika Bidyalaya has witnessed a lot of changes over time but the thing that is remaining constant is the quality of education provided by the institution. It is not just an educational institution but a family where all the memebers shine brighter like well built branches of a tree having the deep root penetrating through the core of moral well being and value system. This school is not just about its strict discipline and quality education rather its uniqueness lies in the spontaneous and integrated execution of the teachings of Thaakur-Ma-Swamiji in real life of students.

N. Chakraborty

I don't like to portray myself as an ex-student of Sree Sarada Ashrama Balika Bidyalaya,as the training given by the school is teaching me, my personality, attitude and judgemental value every moment even today. From that point of view,I am still and will be a student of this institution. Not only the formal training but it is because of this school still now I open my shoes in row wherever I go or I stop and place myself at one side when the elders are passing by me. Yes I miss the signature prayer songs,the meditation classes,and the essence of purest souls in the form of our guide. Kudos to the maker of a wholesome human being,not only a successful achiever.

M. Ghosh

I joined this school on 2018 as a physical education teacher and still continuing, I have to say that this is one of the best disciplined school. The way of teaching and all other activities likes arts, physical activity or other many curriculums are really impressive.